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Press release

The New Scandinavian Tradeshow for All Types of Access Equipment On the Worksite

The term Access equipment covers all types of lifts, cranes, scaffolding, construction lifts, ladders, telescopic loaders and handlers, other lifting aids, fall protection and more. This sector forms today a bit of its own industry in Scandinavia. The sector has grown significantly over the last decade in terms of suppliers, lessors and users. Now it is time for a separate trade fair for the sector called ExpoLift. The premiere is set for September 14-15, 2023 at Inframässan, Infracity in Bredden north of Stockholm. Equipment that helps contractors and service companies to “access” and perform their services in hard-to-reach places has grown in scale over the past two decades. Different types of lifts, cranes, scaffolding, work platforms, telescopic loaders, construction lifts, ladders, lifting aids and so on, can be included in the collective name access equipment.


The product group has become so extensive with different types of manufacturers and brands that it forms its own little industry. In Sweden and the entire Nordic region included, there are today a large number of suppliers of access equipment. We also have well-known own manufacturers in the Nordic region. The products in the field of access equipment are also unique due to the fact that they are used in a wide variety of businesses. In addition to the fact that access equipment such as lifts, scaffolding and construction lifts are widely used in the construction industry, the occurrence is also widespread in all other types of industrial and service industries, the energy sector, state, municipality, county council, the real estate sector, service sectors and more. There is hardly a business where some type of access equipment does not play an important role. Even the private sector occasionally uses access equipment of some type. As a private person, it often involves renting a lift, scaffolding, etc. But the biggest user and renter of access equipment is definitely construction and service companies.


SCOP AB, which publishes the magazine Svensk Rental, has long had the idea of creating a pure trade fair for access equipment. A clearly targeted and narrow trade fair for professionals in access equipment for the entire Nordic region. The company has extensive experience with similar narrow trade fairs and has, for example, arranged a trade fair for the demolition industry since the 1990s. ”The magazine Svensk Rental was started in the early 2000s and as a trade magazine we have noticed how strongly the presence of access equipment has increased in the machine rental industry since the magazine was started. There are many suppliers of, for example, different types of lifts, and customer demand is high. In addition, the access equipment industry is very innovative. New things are constantly happening. The lifts are being further developed at a very high rate and the model ranges are large,” says Jan Hermansson, who is editor-in-chief of the magazine Svensk Rental and project manager for Expolift.

SCOP AB therefore asked a fairly large number of suppliers of access equipment in the Nordics if there would be an interest in participating in a pure trade fair for access equipment. The answer from most of the suppliers was a resounding YES. This despite the fact that today there are a large number of fairs specifically within the construction industry. However, the existing trade fairs today are very extensive and cover basically all products within construction and construction. As an exhibitor, it is easy to disappear. The idea of this trade fair for the access equipment industry is that it should be very narrow and intended for the real professionals in the industry. ”It should be a trade fair in the truest sense of the word, aimed at professional users and suppliers. In that way, it will also be a fairly small fair with a high quality of those who exhibit and visit the fair,” says Hermansson.


With the new fair idea, it is hoped to be able to offer a good fair arrangement, with high quality for the visitors and at a reasonable price for the exhibitors. The fair will last a maximum of two days and it is estimated that the number of exhibitors will be between 30 and 40 companies. The organizer has bounced a few name ideas for the fair back and forth but landed in the name ”ExpoLift - A trade fair for everything within access equipment at the workplace”. As mentioned, the date for the fair premiere will be September 14-15, 2023 and the location will be the Inframässan, Scandic Infra City in Bredden north of Stockholm. ”The dates are booked and I think Inframässan is a perfect venue. The exhibition hall is 5,000 square meters and then there are a couple of thousand square meters outdoors as well. We have good experiences with this location and it is also close to the international airport Arlanda and also Stockholm city. The Scandic hotel also has good capacity for many guests,” says Hermansson.

The regulations around the use of access equipment have been tightened considerably in the Nordics in recent years, and here the fair can also play an important role in increasing awareness of the risks, safety thinking and the value of education. Therefore Expolift has a close co-operation with and are strongly supporten by the Swedis branc association for rental companies, Rentalföretagen and the internationa federation, IPAF, International Powered Access Federation.


But which products will be exhibited? From the organizers’ point of view, it is believed that the lifts will dominate. Within the lift product area there are a number of different product variants such as boom, scissor, column, vertical, trailer, crawler, glass and truck lifts and more. Then there are different types of work platforms and scaffolding in different designs. On the scaffolding side, there are also rolling scaffolds, painting scaffolds and more. An important product area is also the mobile cranes and especially the new handy mini cranes as well as trailer cranes which have increased in interest among users and renters. Construction hoists are also important access equipment for personnel and materials on the construction site. To this should be added the telescopic loaders and handlers, which today are not only used as loaders but also for lifting and as a lifts, often with a work platform attached. Of course, the area of access equipment also includes various types of ladders and other types of devices and equipment that facilitate the lifting and transport of both people and materials. An important part that will be focused on during the fair is the environment, safety with fall protection and product training. Here, the organizers hope to also make contact with companies that work with handling and safety training for lifts and scaffolding. ”We hope that the new ExpoLift fair will be something that appeals to the industry and that attracts both exhibitors and visitors from all over the Nordics,” concludes Hermansson.

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